Masculinity in the 21st Century

Masculinity in the 21st Century Methodology


Alpha University was founded to define what it means to be a masculine male in the 21st century. To fulfill this task, Alpha University has over 10 years, developed a methodology for masculinity referred to as the Masculinity Methodology. It is both holistic and integrated. Ultimately there needs to be a 21st century model for masculinity that acknowledges the intrinsic factors of masculinity such as mind and personality. In the 21st century, the masculine of the intrinsic (mind) wins out over the masculine of extrinsic (muscle). While both are important, it is the intrinsic factors that will ultimately characterize one as either masculine or otherwise.


I: Mind


  • Engages in the sport of philosophy, Mindsport
  • Remains at the conceptual level dealing in concepts by rejecting the anti-philosophy of savagery (purely sensory) and the anti-philosophy of anti-concepts


II: Personality


  • Understands the concept of cocky, confident humor and how to apply it
  • Understands the process of the positive tension model


III: Body


  • Undertakes high interval training for quick power
  • Treats body well by getting proper sleep, meditation, recreation, and nutrition/food
  • Flows on process


IV: Love & Sexuality


  • Understands the concept of doing gender, attraction, and the three brains
  • Understands the concept of whole brain love and its ordering
  • Understands the true love process including pickup, consummation, and relationship


V: Work


  • Understands how concept, process, platform integrate
  • White collar (mind work) career (ex. tech, finance, medicine)
  • Undertakes development in order to be top percentile in career


VII: Spirit


  • Understands the nature of God apart from the anti-concept version of God
  • Understands the concepts of flow, the formless, and presence


VIII: Wealth


  • Understands the process of public company investing and how to use it to become financially independent
  • Understands the process of private company investing and how to use it to increase blended yield


IX: Side Hustle


  • Understands and implements the process of startup acceleration
  • Grows the side hustle over a decade or two until going concern is developed
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