Welcome to Alpha University

Alpha University makes it easy to learn the actual capabilities of the masculine male. Currently, most masculinity training is dedicated to teaching men how to be a pickup artist. This leaves men with a philosophy & skill gap between themselves and what it actually takes to live a masculine life. By eliminating the skill gap, Alpha University creates a place where men can secure their masculine values and alpha male life.

It’s unique because the university is entirely dedicated to masculine skills like how to become an alpha male. It’s special because students actually learn the principles that alpha males use to run their philosophical, financial and love lives and start applying these concepts to advance their masculinity.

The big benefit is that it helps men define a path to building their masculine values and virtues rather than simply pursuing a selfless existence. This helps them avoid living a life that is incongruent to masculinity and love dynamics.


Learn how to build an alpha male life avoid a selfless existence associated with the beta male.

Learn the philosophy and principles that drive the masculine ego versus the feminine ego which lays the foundation for love dynamics.


Alpha male vs. Beta male

Masculinity vs. Femininity

Alpha University makes it easy for men to learn about masculinity and love dynamics in order to build self confidence and become self actualized. Individuals can buy the book or enroll in the course and immediately start putting theory to practice by building out defining their masculine values and the virtues necessary to obtain them. Get the book or enroll in the course now.

Professional Love Dynamics Certificate Course (Online)

  • Learn the three parts of the Love Process
  • Learn the True Love Paradigm, whole brain love
  • Learn Love Profiles

Obtain a Certificate in Love Dynamics

  • 100 hours of training
  • 1 core text
  • 10 modules