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Masculinity in the 21st Century

You are thinking of masculinity with an old paradigm. Like one that is entirely defined by physical attributes. Remember that in the 21st century, masculinity is of the mind and personality. Since the mind and personality can be improved, so can ones masculinity and it begins with philosophy. The man that produces and holds true […]

Philosophy Drives Gender Archetypes:

I. Rational male & female ego: Metaphysics: Objectivist Epistemology: Reason Ethics: Rational self interest (ego) Politics: Economic individualism (capitalism) Gender values: Romantic love (mind body integration Gender virtues: Masculinity (male), femininity (female) Gender archetypes: Alpha male, beta female II. Non-rational male & female ego: Metaphysics: Mystic/emotionalist Epistemology: Emotion indicates truth Ethics: Altruism Politics: Collectivism Gender […]

The Morality of the Genders

Values and virtues are different for the male and female. Thus, morality is different for the male and female. Just like the moral values are different among individuals, the moral values across the genders is different as well. Though the metaphysics & epistemology remain the same, the ethics or morality are different for the male […]

Where to Find Beta Females?

As a male that wants to be alpha, you are going to be looking for high value females (i.e. beta) rather than just any female. So the natural question becomes:  “Where are the beta females?” As discussed, due to the rise of feminism in the West, women in the West no-longer see their primary role […]

Selection From the Female Perspective

For high status females, attraction is a holistic concept incorporating philosophy, psychology, personality, behavior, and appearance. Selection is thus based upon masculinity, or alpha, in philosophy, psychology, personality, behavior, and appearance. Masculinity creates the polarity or emotional tension within the female that creates an emotional impression with her which eventually turns into love.  Attractive Personality […]

Selection From the Male Perspective

For high status males, attraction is a holistic concept incorporating philosophy, psychology, personality, behavior, and appearance. These men (alphas) that can have any woman they want know that beauty is common and not the ultimate determinant of attractiveness of a female. As such, alphas qualify women to see if they are feminine at each of […]

Beta Female vs. Alpha Female

Just like there is a spectrum of masculinity, there is a spectrum of femininity. They can be categorized along the lines of alpha and beta where alpha is masculinity and beta is femininity. By determining her attractiveness with factors other than immediate appearance, men can make more meaningful and deep relationships. Beauty is common and […]

Beta Testing

Does she have a rational female ego? High value men that experience sex as ubiquitous want to make sure early on in the interaction that the female is the type of woman that you would like to spend more time with in the future. This means that she is feminine along the four lines of […]

The Attractive Female Personality: Beta

The attractive female personality is one that creates emotional tension within men. This is the pattern of the attractive female personality. Personality meaning that it is internalized within the communication and behavioral pattern of the individual. This attractive personality pattern is manifested in feminine & empathetic communication and behavior. A beta female will have a […]

The Attractive Male Personality: Alpha

The attractive male personality is one that creates emotional tension within women and then does not break the tension but escalates and moves women towards sex where the tension is released. This is the pattern of the attractive male personality. Personality meaning that it is internalized within the communication and behavioral pattern of the individual. […]

Male Archetype vs. Female Archetype

As mentioned in the previous chapter, philosophy drives psychology. As such, we see innate trends in behavior emerge from the male and female human over time. These patterns are known as an archetype. These patterns became part of the infrastructure of our brains and when we are in the presence of them, we experience attraction.  […]

The Emotion of Love

The emotion of attraction is the precursor to the emotion of love. The emotion of attraction gets you to sex. The emotion of love gets you to relationship. Healthy women, beta females, will experience the emotion of love after sex even for the first time with a male. Alpha females, on the other hand, do […]

Love vs. Oneitis

Oneitis is the total obsession with one girl before you have had sex with her. Oneitis is a beta male belief/behavior. Love is the romantic feelings for a girl that you have slept with. That you want only her as she fulfills your needs. Your love is contingent upon her good behavior and something that […]

Love Dynamics Calibration

As mentioned, it is important to calibrate your game and outcomes to the girl based upon whether she is alpha or beta. If she is alpha, she is narcissistic and only looking for a transactional interaction inasmuch as it can serve her interests. She is not looking to invest in building true love and may […]

Western Dating vs. Eastern Dating

As discussed in the previous chapter, it is important to make the distinction between Western and Eastern concepts. As such, there is a huge difference between dating in the West (transactional) and dating in the East. Dating in the West comes with a built-in assumption that you are still single and are open to see […]

Emotional Value vs. Physical Value

Women are attracted to men based upon their emotional value. This means how a man makes her feel is how attracted to him she is regardless of his physical appearance.  Men are attracted initially to men based upon their physical value. The key word here is initially since high value men that experience sex as […]

Attractiveness as a Holistic Concept

Though men’s brains are hardwired to experience attraction in the presence of mere physical femininity (appearance), men can learn that attractiveness in a female is a holistic concept including internal factors related to her feminine development such as; philosophy, psychology, personality and behavior. As men learn this, the neurological structure of their brains changes to […]

Alpha Males Know the Attraction Principle

By demonstrating that the male knows the attraction principle through cocky & teasing communication and behavior, the female makes a holistic categorization of high value regardless of looks, wealth, or possessions. By being nice to earn approval, he is categorized as approval seeking and low value. This is the social reality that she lives in. […]

Being Nice to Gain Approval Kills Emotional Tension aka Attraction

Contrary to what our mothers told us and what society tells us, being nice to gain approval simply does not work with women. To an attractive women, a man is just a number within a marketplace of men always available to her that she looks at as the same since she is approached all the […]

Emotional Tension Model aka Love Dynamics Loop

Spiking and Sustaining Emotional Tension  Using the Positive Tension Model we are intentionally trying to create positive tension with the girl that is the source of attraction and love. We are not going to break the tension but merely satisfy the tension through sex and repeat as shown in the model. Emotional Tension Model: 1. […]

True Love & Polarity

Love is a story repeated over and over again. It first begins with positive tension and results in climax. Positive tension is the key to Love Dynamics and ultimately true love. Archetypes are inherently possessing polarity. Model the archetype and live the story. The experience of true love is the full activation of our evolutionary […]

Alpha Male Beliefs

Sex is ubiquitous and ever-present. There is no scarcity in his reality. There is an abundance of resources in the form of positivity, energy, fun, money, and women. This core belief has the effect of making the male much more playful and self assured, unattached to any single outcome and entirely present in spontaneous in […]

Intrinsic Value

The fatal flaw of pickup artists and almost all men is a failure to understand intrinsic value as it relates to both the male and female. Intrinsic value for the female is her level of femininity or beta. Men end up chasing alpha females that may look physically attractive but have low intrinsic value due […]

Gender Archetypes

Evolutionary Archetypes (Alpha Male & Beta Female) Evolutionary archetypes are those that are consistent with the rational male ego, alpha, and the rational female ego, beta. They lead to emotional state patterns, thought patterns and behavioral patterns conducive to Love Dynamics and ultimately true love. They lead to patterns of positive emotionality in state, thought […]