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Love Dynamics is the body of knowledge and set of capabilities associated with the art and science of love. The good news is that Love Dynamics can be mastered. Alpha University has done the work to codify Love Dynamics in the first of its kind online course and book. Take the wheel of your love life now and steer for the first time.

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Hey there, my name is Michael Herlache MBA. I'm the founder of Alpha University, the pioneer in Love Dynamics.

Alpha University has pioneered research into Love Dynamics, the art & science of love. Previously, most content has either focused on the initial phase of finding loveĀ  which is known as attraction to the neglect of the development of actual love. On the other end of the spectrum, there are books that seek to claim that the genders are the same and seek to claim that love develops independent of attraction and sexuality. Love Dynamics combines both the realities of the genders with the art & science of love.


5 Lectures
10 hours

Why Alpha University

Gender Foundations

Gender foundations refers to the cognitive science and gender dynamics related to love.

The Science of Attraction

The science of attraction refers to the nature of polarity and how to spike and maintain it.

Love Paradigm

Love paradigm refers to the nature of true love being whole brain love.

Love Process

Love process refers to the phases of the love process, namely; attraction, SNS or D2S, and love.

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